About Us

We are a team of running enthusiasts wanting to promote running activities in Odisha.

We are starting “The Great Odisha Ultra Marathon” (TGOUM) in 2019.  We seek your support to make it a grand success.

TGOUM is an Ultra of 75 Kilometres in the Coastal Belt of Odisha stretching between Bhubaneswar & Puri through Konark, with the route being a Scenic Beauty.

With the Trees of Cashew Kernnel, Coconut, Palm, etc. and Paddy Fields on both side of the roads; the runners always cherish running on this route. While crossing several Rivers & Canals & the Sea Beach on the route (known as Marine Drive), it is always a pleasurable moment.

Even, it’s like an Icing on the Cake, when runners find Deers and Peacocks on both sides of the route due to the existence of an Open Sanctuary. Dhauli Giri & Daya River reminds of the Ancient History of India during the reign of Emperor Ashoka & his initiatives to spread Buddhism across the country.